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CV Acting

  THEATRE (selection)
‘Mirandolina’ (Dejanira)
Director: Anja Dechant-Sundby
Rosenbergfestspiele, Kronach
‘Das Wirtshaus im Spessart’ (Inge, Else)
Director: Stefan Haufe
Rosenbergfestspiele, Kronach
‘Dschungelbuch’ (Mutter Wolf, Erikaa, Afred, Elefantenehefrau)
Director: Axel Weidemann
Rosenbergfestspiele, Kronach

This summer was amazing! Living three month on a medieval castle to be involved with roles in three theatre plays! I loved every second of it, the challenge to sing and dance on stage, my colleagues, the people from Kronach with their hilarious and fun traditions, our director, every person who made this come true. I would do it over and over again.

‘Our Boys’ (Mary) Rehearsed Reading
Director: Michael Murray
North London Actors
‘Pippi Longstocking’ (Pippi)
Director: Peter Farbers
Classic Open Air Festival
‘Der Kleine Wassermann’ (Kleiner Wassermann, Lead)
Director: Kay Dietrich
Astrid Lindgren Bühne FEZ

The play was on already, I had 5 days to take over the lead role. It was challenging, but fun! I will always be thankful for this great director who gave me the freedom to find my voice for the character, even though the play was running already.

‘Weihnachten bei Tiger und Bär’ (Tiger, Lead) Tourne
Director: Heike Werntgen
Wittener Kinder- und Jugendtheater

This was my first theatre tour, and I had the pleasure to play on 39 different stages of all shapes and sizes.

‘Panda on the Road – Treffen Artenschutz’ (Happy, Lead)
Director: Panda on the Road
Panda Theater Berlin

This production came about because my good friend Moritz Limmer was shy to play piano in front of an audience. So we planned to organise a concert for him, to overcome this fear. In the end, we’ve been more than 14 artists in a sold-out theatre in the heart of Berlin. And I learned what it means to organise a theatre show. This show led to my first live radio interview with Fritz Radio and led to new contacts and further jobs.

  FILMOGRAPHY (selection)
‘Pretty Music For Very Ugly People’ (Else, Lead) Feature Film (In Post-Production)
Director: Stefan von Hauser
Production: Tweed Pictures

I received an e-mail saying: We need a German actress for a feature film. And I thought: Yeah! Two lines as a supportive role. Turns out they meant the lead role.

‘Misophonia’ (Denise) Short film
Director: Marta Moreno
Production: Regent’s University London
‘Whisper’ (Caroline Hunt) Teaser shoot film trilogy
Directors:  J’Kerry& Julia McNamera
Production: GENFilms Media Production

My first English speaking production. Unfortunately, nothing happened with it after the teaser had been shot, but it was an amazing experience, and it gave me the confidence that I can act in English.

‘Der Mikroakustikschallwellenumformungsmodulator’ (Lisa, Lead) Short film
Director: Heiko Brantsch
Produced for 99 Fire Films Competition